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L to R: Captain David Burdett, Lt. Jamie Snevely, Lt. Brandy Rogers and Lt. Jay Jones

EMS Training Supervisor:    Captain David Burdett

Office: (423) 209-5009         Email:  

EMS Training Officer:             Lt. Brandy Rogers

Office: (423) 209-5007         Email:

EMS Training Officer:             Lt. Jay Jones

Office: (423) 209-5005        Email:

EMS Training Officer:            Lt. Jamie Snevely

Office: (423) 209-5008         Email:

The Training Center is a stand-alone facility, located within the confines of the County Maintenance facility in White Oak, across from Medic Station 6. It was occupied in September 2006 and became our first self-contained training facility. This building provides a centralized location for all training events and allows the training staff to offer more effective educational opportunities for our crews and first responder agencies. The Training Center consists of four offices, a conference room, a large media-friendly training suite, a skills lab, two additional labs, a fully operational ambulance box, a full kitchen, and restroom facilities. It also functions as the location for all staff meetings, C.Q.I. discussions, and pre-employment testing.

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