NOW Hiring!

Are you a currently licensed Tennessee or Nationally Registered Paramedic or AEMT? Hamilton County EMS is now hiring for our newly approved 24/72 shift schedule! 
HCEMS is a 911 only service providing ALS emergency medical care and transport to Chattanooga, Tennessee and surrounding areas within Hamilton County. We currently operate 15 ALS ambulances located at stations throughout the county. 

Some of the benefits offered:
- Paid leave time earned each pay period 
- Health and Dental Insurance options
- Employee health clinic and pharmacy 
- Retirement plan
- Uniform allowance
- Plus more!

Hamilton County EMS also offers free continuing education training/CEU’s plus other training opportunities. 

We have promotional opportunities, the option to sign up for special event coverage, the option to bid on open shift coverage, and more. Want to be a SWAT medic? We have that also for individuals who qualify!

Successful applicants will be brought on board onto our current 24/48 schedule for orientation and field training. The 24/72 schedule will be implemented once the hiring process and training is complete for the additional shift. Secure your spot now!

For complete employment requirements and to join our team, visit the website below to get started!   

317 Oak St. Suite 316, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403


Hamilton County EMS 

Employee Benefit Statement







For job postings, please visit

Salary includes 2,080 hours of straight time and 840 hours at time and a half based on a 24 hours on/36 hours off schedule.  Any leave time, either with or without pay will affect annual salary.  (see leave time policy below)

SALARY: AEMT             Starting Annual Pay:       $36,740

                 Paramedic     Starting Annual Pay:       $46,760


PAID LEAVE: Leave time is earned each pay period. The amount of time earned depends on the number of years that you have been employed with Hamilton County EMS as shown below:


FULL TIME EMPLOYEES: The days are based on a 24-hour work shift.


  • 1-5 years = 152 hours, or 6 days per year. 5.85 hours per pay period

  • 6 -10 years = 176 hours, or 7 days per year. 6.77 hours per pay period

  • 11-15 years = 216 hours, or 9 days per year. 8.31 hours per pay period

  • 16 or more years = 232 hours, or 9.5 days per year. 8.92 per pay period


Leave accumulates to a total of 800 hours, or 33 days (based on a 24 hour shift). When leave is taken, it is paid at regular hourly pay rate. No overtime is paid.


Applicants will be required to complete a written test, skills lab, and physical ability test.  Applicants should review the physical ability test video below.