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EMS Supply



The Service operates a supply depot facility, staffed by three employees, that maintains all materials required for pre-hospital medical care. Overseen by a supply officer/Asset Manager (Captain), they are tasked with ordering all stock, maintaining and repairing all medical equipment, and distribution of inventory as requested, and maintenance schedules of all rolling stock. During a mass casualty incident, our Supply team responds with pre-packaged containerized supplies and establishes N.I.M.S. sectors as the incident requires. Our Supply Division also maintains Homeland Security District Three equipment and supplies.


Since 1997, EMS Supply has dispensed over 1.6 million items to 16 Medic units and 46 first responder units within our service. Each year, approximately 130,000 items are issued by EMS Supply. They are responsible for supplying all daily use items to 16 stations and the Training Center.


Supply personnel filling orders to restock their ambulances


Supply personnel checking off drug inventory with supervisory staff

Lt Dill.jpg

Captain Chris Dill
EMS Supply Manager


Reserved Fleet


Personnel checking off reserve truck before returning to service


Inside Supply Depot facility

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