Assistant Chief Tony Sylvester, Special Operations Commander




SWAT medics are an integral part of the team for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department. Not only are SWAT medics responsible for health and welfare of the team, but also any injuries that may occur to others on the scene. SWAT medics are Paramedics certified with experience in trauma management. SWAT medics are also trained, armed and ready to operate in any capacity on-scene. In addition to carrying a standard SWAT load out with a modular vest, weapons and other equipment, they also carry a SWAT Medic Kit. Becoming a member of this Special Operations team requires the medic to have the same level of professionalism, dedication and commitment as well as trained and equipped with the special skills necessary to support law enforcement.


The primary and goals for the HCEMS Special Operations Team are to provide the medic with 4 Basic Skills::














1. The skills to operate in an tactical environment.

2. The skills to maintain operational capabilities of tactical units.

3. The skills to perform a basic medical intelligence assessment.

4. The skills to minimize mortality and morbidity of personnel working in the tactical environment.