Hamilton County E.M.S. transports patients to all licensed Emergency Departments within the County, as well as four facilities outside of our County, based on the patients wishes, medical needs, and/or availability. We reserve the right to act in the patient's best interest when hospital destination equates to the most appropriate care for medical condition. On occasion, such as dangerous weather or other unforeseen emergencies, that transport may be to the closest facility, regardless of the patient's or family's wishes. Transport by private carrier to the facility of choice may be arranged after emergency medical conditions have been stabilized. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our care and concern for the quickest and most appropriate care for your injury or illness.




Erlanger Medical Center                                    975 E. Third Street                                  Chattanooga, TN

Erlanger Medical Center - North                       632 Morrison Springs Road                   Red Bank, TN

Memorial Glenwood                                           2525 De Sales Avenue                            Chattanooga, TN

Memorial Hixson                                                2051 Hamill Road                                    Hixson, TN

Parkridge Medical Center                                  2333 McCallie Avenue                            Chattanooga, TN

Parkridge Hospital - East                                   941 Spring Creek Road                          East Ridge, TN

T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital                  910 Blackford Street                               Chattanooga, TN


Outside Hamilton County Hospitals


Skyridge Hospital                                                2305 Chambliss Avenue                        Cleveland, TN

Skyridge Hospital West                                      2800 Westside Drive NW                        Cleveland, TN

Rhea Medical Center                                          7900 Rhea County Highway                   Dayton, TN


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