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Hamilton County Fair, Airshows, Susan B. Komen Race and other benefit runs. The Bike Team also provides a valuable community service by training children the fundamentals of bike safety. In order to be on the Bike Team, prospective members are required to attend and successfully pass International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) 40 hours EMS Cyclist Course.


This course focuses on bike safety, nutrition, legal aspects, effective cycling, technical cycling, skills, scene safety and etc Each medic rides an all-terrain bike, which is equipped with both basic medical equipment and advanced life support equipment, including airways, pocket masks, bandages, saline, trauma dressings, glucose, splinting equipment and personal protective equipment. One bike member also carries a portable cardiac defibrillator.


GOAL: Putting trained paramedics on bicycles and respond to a scene quicker at outdoor public events to provide immediate patient care in crowd situations where an ambulance might be delayed.






The HCEMS Bike Team was formed in 2002 by staff members of Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services. With no budget, the members themselves sought out donations to make this unit a reality. Bikes were donated by area businesses providing rapid responses to medical emergencies during special events consisting of large groups of people.


The Bike Team was a much needed asset to HCEMS in their on-going effort to care for the residents and visitors of Hamilton County. Today, the bike team provides its service for special events such as Riverbend,

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